Vocal Instruction

Cate Dyer B.Mus specialising in Contemporary & Style


Cate is proud to be part of the phenomenal voice coaching team at The Studio and Star Factory, Directed by Kirsty Roberts.

“Singing and music is not just about technique (although that is hugely important), it is about overcoming obstacles, challenging limitations and having the drive to create. I know each of my students’ individual goals and we constantly revise and add to them to keep them moving in the direction they wish to go. Goals range from producing original music, song writing and professional live performance to simply improving confidence and singing for fun, whether you are a beginner or advanced, every goal is of value to me.

Having completed a Bachelor in Popular Music and Creative Technologies with three Directors awards, my voice coaching is unique in that I encourage and assist with song writing, vocal directing, stylistic development and live performance.

Fronting bands professionally for over a decade, and touring Australia as a presenter for  six years, I have a true passion for challenging my students to create, perform and develop a presence on stage. Overcoming fear on stage includes many factors including microphone technique, public speaking, movement and vocal tone. These areas are covered in lessons as part of preparation for live performance opportunities.

image2As an associate vocal instructor at The Studio and Star Factory I am proud to be part of a phenomenal and world class team who are driven to make dreams a reality.”

For information on elite level vocal coaching, artist development, songwriting visit The Studio and Star Factory. 



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