NEOFIX make hypnotic, sensory and sometimes downright psychedelic music and sonic art.

A West Adelaide duo breaking new boundaries in sonic and visual art with their vision of connecting their music and visuals to the exploration of urban, natural and even celestial spaces.

 Creators Johnny and Cate live by the ethos “everything is something” as they draw inspiration from the surreal and complex world around them, collecting sound samples, footage and photography wherever they go. Their DIY approach is influenced by their experiences within the underground art scene of Athens, Greece. Within the crisis afflicted urban spaces of Athens, the art scene thrived with little institutional support, making use of the unique forgotten urban spaces and political contexts offered by the city itself. This deep connection to space, place and time and complete creative freedom formed the basis of Neofix’s artistic vision, and their musical and visual compositions.

Equally important as the music Neofix create is the accompanying visuals, with the duo producing all their own photography, videography and artwork. The first of their stop motion animation music videos for Freedom was a finalist in the International Song Competition and the SA Music Awards.

Experimenting with sound samples from interesting places has become a driving force in the Neofix production as they manipulate these into playable instruments to capture a truly unique audio footprint of that space within their music. Combined with the signature Neofix dreamy vocals and psyhedelic guitar the result is ambient, textured and atmospheric music to elevate, inspire and re imagine the human experience.

Cate (singer/ songwriter/ lyricist/ visual & sonic art)

Johnny (multi-instrumentalist/ producer/ composer/ visual & sonic art)

With the positivity that shines through the lyrics as much as the effortlessly outreaching ethereal vocals, it feels like we’ve finally got a natural progression from Bowie that deserves to be equally as revered for their ingenuity”..

          -A&R Factory