Cate is a three- time recipient of the Directors Award at the Elder Conservatorium of Music and a BAST accredited vocal coach and is proud to be a member of the phenomenal and world class voice coaching and artist development team at The Studio and Star Factory, Directed by Kirsty Roberts.

As an artist she has supported many International and National acts including Fat Joe, Tech9, Cormega, Seth Sentry, Hilltop Hoods, G Flip and Illy, and her journey as a performer and educator has taken her across Australia and Europe, as well as to Ethiopia and Zambia to deliver musical instruments and workshops in schools and orphanages. 

Creatively Cate has a focus on creating powerful and meaningful music with soulful and honest lyrics through her work with Adelaide Hip Hop duo Outside Lines and experimental music project Neofix

Believing in music not just as a means of expression but as a vehicle for change, Cate and her Critical Soul Community have hosted a number of events and concerts in the support of the build of a Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Zambia (completed in 2021) Follow Cate’s Project Six; a series of projects with a musical foundation that aim to inspire, empower, create awareness and spread compassion. 


I have always made it my purpose to follow the things that I love the most, music, writing & community, and to surround myself with genuine people who I enjoy working with and who inspire me. I opened my first music business, a vocal studio at age 23 and since have invested everything I have to give into performing, writing, coaching and music community projects throughout Australia and Africa. I am fortunate to have joined Kirsty Roberts and the incredible team at The Studio & Star Factory as a vocal coach and music mentor.

It has not always been an easy road, music requires tenacity, dedication and a love for what you do that keeps you going when times are rough, when gigs are scarce and when projects fall through and you are staring at a can of corn you have for dinner wondering how you got there. Where there are no opportunities, you have to make them, where there are opportunities you have to take them and all the while continue to build your skills, in any way you can.

For me both as an Artist and an Educator the most important thing to cultivate alongside technical skill, is creative freedom. Learning to let go of the need to be perfect, the need to know everything and embracing the idea that we are all “forever students” in music and in life! This ethos has allowed me to branch out into so many areas I might never have though possible including producing, videography, spoken word poetry and sonic art.
Please feel free to reach out to me, I hope we get a chance to meet.