Dedicated to using music not just as a means of expression but as a vehicle for spreading compassion and awareness follow Cate’s Project Six.

Combining a bachelor degree in Music and Production with a bachelor in Cultural Tourism “Six’ is a series of projects with a musical foundation that aim to inspire, empower, create awareness and spread compassion. Run by Cate in collaboration with visual artists, media professionals, musicians and industry professionals Cate uses community events and crowd funding to support each project stage.

“I don’t love the word charity, ‘6’ is not about charity, it is fundamentally about connection, sharing and human experience. Like anyone who was born pre internet and social media, it is with some nostalgia that I compare the way we used to connect as people, as a community. Gone are the days where you had to sit and pay attention to the person on the phone because it was attached to a wall. When you had street barbecues with the neighbours and when everyones assignments were exactly the same because you only had Encyclopaedia britannica. It’s not a bad thing, change is inevitable, but it was fast, and I think we may have left behind a few important things.

It has become the norm that we are reachable, available and online, any time. There are cases of actual clinical anxiety caused by separation from mobile phones. Our interactions are increasingly becoming technology based and it’s causing a disconnect that I don’t even think we are fully comprehending yet.

It is now my goal to join both my cultural tourism and music degrees together to create  ‘6’, a series of projects, run by myself in collaboration with Adelaide and interstate musicians, film crews, artists and professionals, that aim to inspire, connect, empower, create awareness and share compassion.

In an age where ‘authenticity’ is a commodity to be marketed with a stamp of ‘organic’ ‘traditional’ or ‘100% real’, the only way to know for sure is to get out there and experience things for ourselves. To connect with each other, to educate one another and to learn for ourselves.”


Through a combination of Social Media, crowd funding, a music event and securing corporate funding, Cate and a colleague Anna raised $9000 in three months to travel to Ethiopia and deliver musical instruments and music lessons to orphans and severely disadvantaged children at the Raey Centre.
As a part of this process Cate and Anna received support from over 40 local businesses as well as major sponsor Synergy Construction. To children who have experienced major trauma, loss and serious health issues this project brought a lot of smiles.

Check out project one MISSION POSSIBLE or the successful pozible campaign.


Adelaide journalist Sandy Clark who had heard of the Ethiopia project approached Cate to run a joint project in Zambia, teaching music, delivering music instruments and supporting women and children health clinics in the rural Western Province.
This venture took place in September 2015 and was also the launch of Sandy’s book My Love Affair With Zambia, detailing her life in Zambia in the 1970’s building the fashion Industry and working for late Freedom Fighter and Minister in the First Cabinet, Mr Arthur Winer. All proceeds from the book sale go towards building a maternity clinic in the Western Province.
Co managing this project saw Cate again raising funds through Social media and online campaigns, performing at the launch of Kapasa Mesonda’s Zambian Fashion Parade and singing for Her Excellency the Vice President of Zambia.

To purchase Sandy’s book ‘My Love Affair With Zambia’ or find out more about Dignity Zambia visit the website online at Dignity Zambia.

Cate remains committed to raising funds for Dignity Zambia’s hospital build as well as for the schools and orphanages in the extremely poor Western Province, Mongu and surrounding districts.

check out the Facebook page and the successful Pozible campaign.


Running an online campaign through Pozible and Facebook this project raised $2500 AUD  to donate to Dignity Zambia for the build of a water well at the site of the hospital build in the Nalolo district.

In desperate need of clean and usable drinking water for families living rurally, the well is one of the most important first steps in the build. Not only will the well allow construction, it will save the lives of countless children lost to water borne diseases in the area.

In addition to this, amazing friends Rosemary and Alex Baxter surprised us with a cheque for an additional $2000 bringing our total up to $5500, enough to build the well and get our hospital under way!

To check out the pozible campaign click here and to follow the progress of the build make sure you jump on Facebook and click like on Dignity Zambia.


On Dec 4th Critical Soul hosted a live music show @ The Jade, on behalf of Dignity Zambia that raised $1400 for fabric for school uniforms for approx 60 orphan children so that they may join the other kids at school and not feel left out! This is a pic of one the gorgeous kids from the orphanage from my visit last year receiving his Humphrey B Bear!

A big hearted Adelaide woman Mary Hamilton is sewing 60 school uniforms and book bags with the fabric we raised 💰for, and to finish them off we held a Xmas Wishing tree to collect black sneakers for the kids. 60 pairs of black school sneakers as well as a large collection of white socks were donated by countless incredible people. Sandy Clark of Dignity Zambia will be organising to send the uniforms as soon as possible. A huge group of amazing orphaned kids will hold their heads high walking into school this year in uniform for the first time because of all your generosity. Thank you. Anyone is welcome to take part in our projects in any capacity you would like, hit me up for upcoming plans or to get involved. Thank you all for your support and big hearts!!!!

Project #5 POWER UP

POWER UP, raised $4460.95 with the help of the music community @ The Studio and Star Factory, to successfully connect electricity to the site of a Womens and Children’s Hospital very close to my heart in rural Zambia. Read on to learn about the hospital and see how we did it!