Sonic Footprints

Founded by artists Cate Dyer & Dr Johnny Karanicolas.

Sonic Footprints specialise in bringing artistry and creativity to commissioned works of
sound design, sound tracks and soundscapes. Their works have been used to enhance the
ambience and immersive nature of art installations/ exhibitions, add distinctive audio
footprints to businesses, advertisements and podcasts, and produce engaging soundscapes for
creative visual media and film. Sonic Footprints use a vast variety of instrumentation and
production techniques, along with localised sampling methods to help capture the essence
and ambience of particular spaces and times; bringing extra dimensionality and life to their

Johnny has a PHD in social anthropology and extensive experience in researching art scenes
around the world. His work has particularly focused on the thriving art scene in Athens,
Greece which has developed within a time of social and economic crisis. His in-depth
research practice has led him to collaborations with a range of international artists, and the
creation of socially and spatially significant works of art and sound design. As an artist and
musician, Johnny has had his own works displayed in international festivals such as
Documenta 14 which took place in Kassel, Germany and Athens, Greece (2017), The
Adelaide Fringe (2012 & 2019), and the Performance Making Intensive Laboratory at the
Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation (2016). 

With a Bachelor in Popular Music and Creative Technologies and a Bachelor of Cultural
Tourism together with extensive experience in performance, mentoring, event coordination,
community engagement and presenting, Cate brings a unique skillset to Sonic Footprints. 

Most recently the pair co-curated and developed sound installations and performances in a
collaborative exhibition for celebrated artist Athens based artist Filippos Vasileiou.


 Sound installations & audio soundscapes
 Compositions and music for use in advertisement, online content/ branding, podcast and film.
 Sound design
 Real-world sampling to create audio representations of physical spaces
 Audio engineering/production
 Anthropological ethnographic research 
 Research based creative productions