We share a DIY ethos, diverse skill set and a creative vision to produce original music, art and content that goes beyond the presentation of a product . It is our intention to use our work as a means of activating community engagement, transforming space and lifting the human experience in thoughtful and meaningful ways. We invite collaborations from Australian and International artists and corporate bodies who share these values.

Current Projects

  • original music, audio visual and production ( Neofix)
  • audio visual, commissioned works and sound instillations (Sonic Footprints)
  • community projects (Project 6 )

Dr. Johnny Karanicolas

PHD. Social Anthropology, BA of Arts, Dip. Jazz & Hons. Social Anthropology 

Producer/ Multi Instrumentalist/Composer/Artist/Social Anthropologist & Educator

Holding a PHD in Social Anthropology exploring the burgeoning art scene in Athens Greece, within the context of the economic crisis Johnny is a multi instrumentalist, producer and composer with extensive experience performing in Australia and internationally.

As an Anthropologist specialising in the Arts his in-depth
research practice has led him to collaborations with a range of international artists, and the creation of socially and spatially significant works of art and sound design. 

As an artist and musician, Johnny has had his own works displayed in international festivals such as Documenta 14 which took place in Kassel, Germany and Athens, Greece (2017), The Adelaide Fringe and the Performance Making Intensive Laboratory at the Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation (2016). 

Cate Dyer

BA. Popular Music & Creative Technology & BA. Cultural Tourism

Singer/Songwriter/Lyricist/Artist & Mentor

Cate is a three- time recipient of the Directors Award at the Elder Conservatorium and a BAST accredited vocal coach and is proud to be a member of the phenomenal and world class voice coaching and artist development team at The Studio and Star Factory, Directed by Kirsty Roberts.

Believing in music not just as a means of expression but as a vehicle for change, follow Cate’s Project Six; a series of projects with a musical foundation that aim to inspire, empower, create awareness and spread compassion.